Face Contouring

Tightening skin, improving laxity, wrinkles and rhytids.

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Deep treatment

Ultrasound and radio frequency energy work together to target fat cells in areas such as the submental triangle, and collagen in the dermis, particularly around the eyes and mouth, providing deep tissue heating while increasing circulation. The result is tighter skin and improved laxity.


Courtesy of: Alma Clinical Department

Courtesy of: Alma Clinical Department

Courtesy of: Alma Clinical Department

Courtesy of: Alma Clinical Department

Courtesy of: Alma Clinical Department


  • Lax skin

    Over time, the skin on the face loses its elasticity and firmness. Alma’s non-surgical tightening treatment uses dedicated applicators with radio frequency technologies, specially designed to treat thin and bony areas, such as the jawline, to comfortably and safely achieve maximum results.
  • Submental triangle

    A small, comfortable, easy-to-use sonotrode targets excess fat deposits under the chin.

Top Face Contouring Products

Using the power of combined technologies, such as ultrasound and radio frequency, Alma’s non-invasive face contouring treatments offer a diverse, flexible approach to revealing the patient’s natural contours. Virtually pain free and with no downtime, treatments are safe, effective and suitable for all skin types.

The Alma Advantage

  • safe for all skin icon

    Safe for any skin type

  • NO DOWNTIME icon

    No downtime

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    Training support


    Innovative technology

  • no pain icon

    No pain (Except for microplasma treatments)


    Multiple applicators


    Clinically proven


  • All our technologies are backed up with clinical studies and publications.

  • Alma’s PrimeX and Accent Prime also have applicators designed for body contouring.

  • The Opus is a dedicated radio frequency platform for facial skin resurfacing and tightening.

  • Alma’s solutions for facial contouring include ultrasound, radio frequency, and microplasma technologies.

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